Prophecy 2015


2015 Living The Dream

Living Your Dream


2014 was the year of "Recovery and Discovery," and the Lost was being Found. The Church and the people were being positioned for the Blessings and the Battles, and the Victories that await them in 2015. Yes, 2014 was preparational for 2015. Much was restored and recovered in 2014, ...


Prophecy 2014


2014 The Year of Recovery and Discovery

A Fruitful Year Indeed


As I was praying for the Word of the Lord for 2014, I saw Two Hands break-through the clouds and reach out over the Earth. Hands speak of power, the Power of God manifest.  On one Hand was the word "Recovery," and on the other hand was the word"Discovery." One hand was reaching back and....


Prophecy 2013

"Get Out of the Boat" Prophetic Word for 2013

2012 was the Year of “Divine Alignment.”  God was Positioning you for Greatness, Aligning you so you could be in the center of His will, that you might have the fullness of His Blessing.  2012 was a year of “Internal Working.”  2013 is the


2014 Het jaar van herstel en ontdekking,
           Inderdaad een vruchtbaar jaar.

Terwijl ik aan het bidden was voor het woord van de Heer voor 2014 zag ik Twee Handen door de wolken heen breken en uitreiken over de aarde.

Handen spreken van kracht, de Kracht van God die zichtbaar wordt. Op Een Hand stond het woord „Herstel” en op de andere hand stond het woord „Ontdekking” ...........