Steve and Karen Meyering welcome you to the Glory Rain website. Please feel free to take some time to look around. We are known as a prophetic ministry with a passionate love for Jesus. We want everyone to know that Jesus is very much alive and he is desiring an eternal relationship with each one who desires Him. God has a wonder-filled plan for all, and He will help each one to fulfill that plan.

We are spending much of our time reaching out to the nations of the world to bring the love of the Father in both practical and spiritual ways. At this time we have a focus on Latin America and Europe.

This is my new song - Jesus Came A Knocking.


In 1906 a "New Pentecostal Outpouring" began; It started in a house on Bonnie Brae street in Los Angeles and soon moved to a small building on Azusa Street that was formerly used as a warehouse and stable. It was here in an obscure little facility that this Pentecostal Outpouring became a worldwide movement. And for three years following, Christians from around the world who were hungry for more, flocked to Azusa Street seeking a deeper experience in God. More Teaching >>>


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